Jean Cherie


Although I love sculpting, I find it impossible to be confined to just one medium, or one style. I know it looks like a group show in my studio………..but, it’s just me, Jean Cherie, following my muse(s)!

My love and ease with versatility comes from my early years working in  “Hollywood” as a studio sculptor. Collaborating with production designers, art directors, engineers, directors, actors, AND other sculptors helped to hone my skills while smoothing my ego. From tiny design macquettes for theme parks to huge prehistoric living rooms (The Flintstones) I’ve sculpted just about everything you can imagine, and a bunch you can’t!

A short study/work stint at Walt Disney’s W.E.D. while I was an art student at Chouinard in Los Angeles, convinced me “show biz” was the direction for me. The  folks at Disney did not seem to agree and said to come back after I graduated, however, I had been bitten by the glamour, and soon had a job sanding plastic jellybeans for a TV commercial.

The rest is history.............