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About "Horse Show Retrospective"


Inspired by "Mare" Island

The "Horse Show" came about through rediscovering the Rocking Raku series I created a few years ago along with several other horses in alabaster and bronze in my inventory. 2020 came with the loss of my Fort Mason Art Community. Then synchronistically I was inspired by "Mare" Island and the availability of giant pieces of carveable foam which utilized my latent "show biz" skills. This round up creatively brought the herd together in the year of COVID.

How Mare Island Got Its Name

My version of how Mare Island got it's name is depicted in bass relief sculpture in my "Horse Show Retrospective" at the Mare Island Art Studios Gallery. 

Here is the white mare discovered grazing with a herd of tule elk against the iconic skyline of Mare Island.

Dapple Grey

Dapple Grey was the first of the herd made in 2020 using scrap recycled styrofoam from Kreysler & Associates on Mare Island. Here he is prancing above the rocking raku horses. 

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