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About "Causing Cultural Anarchy"

Pushing Boundaries

As artists, we sometimes create art that dares us, scares us, and pushes personal, communal, and cultural boundaries. These daring pieces threaten the norms of our own beliefs, as well as culture in general. We may be afraid to share them due to prior rejection and scorn, personal fear of what sharing something very personal can reveal to others, fear of public reactions, and many other valid reasons. This art show was for those pieces!

IMG_9097 (1).JPG
Maria Guevara - Veiled

She is not complete

She behind the veils

but here

She whose face is veiled

ever present

She who navigates beneath 

my consciousness 



waiting to gather together all 

the pieces  

the sparks 

the parts left 



to her breast as she breathes love

hovering just out of reach

She who is not complete

whose memory is so sweet but so sad

whose mission is incomplete

say her name


 I plant my feet firmly

on nothing

My foundations are


Nothing is


or white

I question my sanity

I can’t breath

I twist I dance i turn


to save my life

I appropriate

the beauty and power

of humanity

to manifest Unity

to save our Life

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